Womxn on the Moon is an LGBTQ+ Afro-Latina owned business operated by Shannen Garza Hakim in Houston, TX. In addition to creating unique earring designs, this small business also focuses on uplifting marginalized communities, maintaining inclusive branding made for all humans, and community engagement through fundraising for various non-profit organizations.

From non-profit leader to business owner, diversity and inclusion remains the heart and soul of this jewelry designer.

Hi, I’m Shannen Garza Hakim, a jewelry designer that focuses on earrings with natural stones, beaded designs, and resin artwork. As a resident of Houston, Texas, I previously spent nearly 10 years working for various non-profit organizations that created college and career access for students of color. Because of my background in advocacy, I knew my business needed to do more than offer unique products, it needed to make a community impact.

The concept of “woman on the moon” comes from a play on the phrase “man on the moon”. The reality is, we haven’t had a woman travel to the moon yet. My company name brings attention to the many spaces that marginalized communities have not had the opportunity to be “the first” to make an accomplishment, or in some cases, have access to any success at all.

I use the inclusive spelling of “womxn” because so many of my intersections of identity have been traditionally excluded from feminism. It is important to note that “womxn” (woman) refers only to myself and “women” is intentionally used to describe those who support my company. WOTM does not seek to label others with this term and I am a proud ally of both the transgender and non-binary communities. WOTM is about telling intersectional stories and understanding diverse human experiences. Not only do I want all individuals to have access to my products and find themselves represented in my branding, I specifically wanted to create an online space that empowers underrepresented artisans.

Art has been a foundation of my resilience in overcoming obstacles my entire life. In college, I studied photography, media, and various styles of writing. I also had a huge interest in travel, which led me to seek graduate school opportunities in cross-cultural studies. I love to use my creativity to help others develop better understandings of human experiences across the world. Womxn on the Moon brings all of these elements together into one space.

Through my business platform, I hope to maintain diverse and inclusive representation of human experiences, empower underrepresented artisans, and close equity gaps by supporting non-profit organizations that uplift women, LGBTQ+ populations, and communities of color. Womxn on the Moon products will always be slow-made, fair trade, filled with intention, and packaged with love. Thank you for choosing to support me and my small business.

Photo Credit: Adeline Rock.