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For any questions not addressed below, please email hello@womxnonthemoon.com or call/text (832)-356-8462 with details about your inquiry.

What is the production process for WOTM jewelry?

All items are handmade to order based on the customer’s preferences. It will take an average of 3-5 business days to produce your items, depending on the volume of orders in production at the time you place your order. An additional 3-5 business days is estimated for shipping, meaning it will be approximately 6-10 total business days total before you receive your items. Production and shipping times increase during the holiday season.

Does WOTM incorporate spiritual practices into the production process?

While we are not a spiritually identified business, we do recognize the history and significance of stones is often accompanied by spiritual practices. For this reason, we have adopted the use sage and palo santo in our workspace. We work to clear the energy of crystals before using them in production and wear gloves in order to reduce direct contact with the stones. We do not charge or set intentions for the crystals used in our jewelry.

Where do you source your stones?

Our stones are acquired from a variety of public sellers, including both small business owners and larger corporate selling spaces (i.e. Amazon, Etsy, Michael’s, etc.). We work to source crystals as ethically as possible based on the availability and accessibility of various sellers. We also work to incorporate natural stones as often as possible, but do sometimes use dyed crystals.

Do you keep jewelry in stock that can be picked up quickly vs. requiring an order to be placed?

Because of the variety of customization options offered for our products, we do not keep stock in our warehouse. We make items to order based on the preferences of the customer.

Do you accept custom orders?

At this time, we are not accepting commissions for styles outside of those listed on our website. We do, however, accept custom stone orders. We will charge customers the price of acquiring the stone in addition to the selling price of the design.

What does the shipping process look like?

All items are shipped using USPS First Class mail. Shipping time is calculated in addition to production time. On average, for most US destinations, shipping will take 3-5 business days. Shipping times increase during the holiday season. Womxn on the Moon is not responsible for delivery times once your order has been placed in the mail. We are also not responsible for lost or damaged mail.

What types of metals are used in your products?

Womxn on the Moon uses a variety of jewelry fixtures with various metals. These metals include brass (dangle earrings), gold-plated brass (huggies, dangle earrings, and adjustable rings), silver-plated brass (huggies), iron (stud earrings), 304 stainless steel (dangle earrings), and gold-plated stainless steel (chain necklaces).

All supplies are advertised by their makers as hypoallergenic, but it is recommend you exercise your own judgement if you have experienced an allergic reaction from certain metals in the past. It is also recommended that you keep your items away from moisture and heat in order to ensure your items stay in their condition for as long as possible.

Do you sell jewelry in-person?

Womxn on the Moon does not have a retail location, but is available at Kismet Boutique in East End Houston and Blck Market in Pearland Town Center. We are also regular vendors at various markets across Texas. To stay updated on our pop-up events, follow us on Instagram.

What is your return policy?

You can access the Womxn on the moon return policy here: Womxn on the Moon Return Policy.

How do you choose the organizations you donate to?

Organizations are selected each month through a vote on Womxn on the Moon social media accounts. If you would like to recommend an organization for New Moon Gifts, reach out via email to hello@womxnonthemoon.com or by visiting the contact page.