Stone Jewelry with a Powerful Meaning

Stone Jewelry with a Powerful Meaning

Womxn on the Moon (WOTM) began as a safe space for me to transition from a very taxing 10 year career in educational non-profits. I wanted to build a company that empowered underrepresented communities and allowed me to gain freedom by creating my own special workspace. This commitment is evident throughout company practices and the way I show up in the world as a business owner.

It begins with the company name, which is a reference to the fact that we have not yet had a woman on the moon. It draws attention to gender inequalities and our potential to truly create magic. It trickles into my designs, which use stones and shapes that allow customers to customize their pieces and create a piece of jewelry that is a direct representation of who they are or what energies they are seeking.

Most of WOTM’s success is the result of creating something magical out of nothing, and I’m incredibly proud of that. I took a $40 bottle of resin, along with a bag of crushed stones, and created an entire career pathway for myself. I have also created solutions for some of the biggest challenges I’ve experienced in wearing crystal jewelry. I’ve introduced a low-cost and unique method for all humans to create adornments that have significant meanings and are a source of empowerment.

Most crystal jewelry is wire-wrapped, heavy, and chunky, which makes it uncomfortable for the wearer. Using crushed crystals in resin prevents my customer’s clothing and hair from being snagged; it also lowers the risk of the wearer being scratched. It’s an inventive and stylish way for my customers to be reminded of their present goals, intentions, and energies. To create something so impactful with such simple ingredients is truly an experience that is unmatched.

Using stones in jewelry will always hold a special place as WOTM continues to grow, as stones have inherently maintained an important place in Black and brown cultures for centuries. Their healing properties have been utilized in spiritual practices in order to guide us in our collective journey. I want to continue to explore my identity and my place in the world by utilizing materials that have intentional meaning, which is why crushed stones are such big part of the WOTM design process. Our branding stays rooted in who we are: magical humans that deserve to take up space in the world.

Shop our customizable crystal designs online and create your own custom piece with the stone and metal tone of your choice. Every human deserves to glitter like gold.

- Shannen Garza Hakim, Founder & CEO of Womxn on the Moon

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